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Having had an interest in vampires for much of my waking life, night or naught, this book caught my eye and I thought it would be fun to have a look at vampirism historically as well as pop culture. I thought maybe this book would shed some light into my interest, which, when I mention it, often gains me sideways glances. So, if you’re read this, my personal “vampirism” hasn’t gone beyond the occasional halloween costume, and yes, there have been more than one.

Ok, so let me get to the point. I loved the recounted journeys that Nuzum took from dark park benches to Transylvania, from drinking his own blood to making fun of others for claiming to lick it off of unmentionables. The book also held many fun facts like the meaning of the colors of a barber’s pole. You’ll have to read (or Google) to find that answer. 🙂

True to the synopsis on the back of the book, Nuzum specifically focuses on Popular culture, glazing over most of the six hundred and some odd unpopular vampire movies, and offering a depth of insight on Stoker, and sadly on Buffy too. He glazed over Rice as though her vampire novels weren’t worth his time. It’s a shame, I think, to have wasted hundreds of hours watching virtually unknown films and largely neglecting popular and influential fiction, but hey, it’s Nuzum’s book not mine.

Other than fun facts and one person’s funny experiences in trying to become, or meet, a vampire, I finally gained a bit of insight into my own fascination with the mythical creatures. Now I think maybe I can go to sleep and not worry about my toes sticking out from under my sheets. Or maybe not.

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