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The premise was interesting and decently explored. The possibilities for our society to get mixed up in these sorts of complex situations, while seemingly unreasonable now, exist. Mary Shelly didn’t think it was possible to create a sentient being, but we’ve accomplished that now. So the moral of the story is satisfactory. I wasn’t thrilled to see the author’s note at the end of the book. I quit reading the first paragraph, although I might go back, I don’t like to be preached at especially after the end of a story on the subject. I think it’s a shame he didn’t just let the work stand alone.

The design of the book was discombobulated. It jumped around so much I wasn’t able to become involved in any particular theme, although I enjoyed the general arch of the story. I understand the need for several different stories to work together to paint the full picture Crichton was trying to maintain, but one of the stories should have emerged as the main story, or at least given us a main protagonist to become emotionally attached to. 500 pages without a major hero doesn’t work very well.

Sadly, Crichton died this past November, and this is the last major work he’s left us with.