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You’ve driven by Home Depot and seen scores of men standing about willing to work for whatever you’re willing to pay. But have you ever wondered what their home was like? Did you ever sneer at them, spit at them in your mind? Have you ever taken advantage of an immigrant? Forced them to work, unprotected, with toxic chemicals then skimped them on their pay? Have you ever wondered what desperate conditions would drive them to sneak into your country and beg to work in jobs that you are unwilling to do?

The Tortilla Curtain takes a good look at the struggles illegal immigrants face when they risk their lives to come dig for gold in the US. This novel explores immigrant life not from the perspective of a naturalized citizen, but of a foreigner in a world confusing, scary, and far more dangerous than imagined. Boyle does an excellent job depicting the difficulties any foreigner faces in a country who’s tongue wiggles in different patterns.

This novel is well worth reading, if only to gain a sense of a different type of struggle you may have never imagined.

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