Fingersmith by Sarah Waters

Posted: July 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

Sarah Waters’ novel Fingersmith easily made my top ten books list. Waters enters the Victorian era with finesse. This novel brings two coming of age girls together in extra-ordinary circumstances. There is intrigue, plotting, trickery, love, romance, pedophilia, murder, and thievery all wrapped up in this story.

If the excellent story filled with surprising twists and turns isn’t enough to intrigue you, then maybe the literary style will. Waters is a ‘pensmith’, that is to say, when she puts her pen to paper it constructs sentences that are worthy of reading by the snobbish literary crowd. And yet, this does not detract from those who would read a bit of Tom Clancy or Nora Roberts. They’ll still love this novel too.

Oh, did I mention that I LOVE this book? Sarah Waters is on my list of “I need to read everything this woman produces.” It’s also worth mentioning that she’s easily one of the best writers of lesbian themed novels.

Sarah Waters Website

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  2. Sarah Snow says:

    I recently watched the film based on Fingersmith. I was impressed that the film stayed true to the novel. It was well done, although not what you would call a blockbuster. But if you want to see the story on the wide screen, check it out!

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